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Member Name Office Phone
Barbara L. Schilling Ingram & Assoc. - Condo Shoppe 205-871-5360
Jane Schmalz LAH - Mountain Brook Branch 205-870-8580
Cissy Schmidt RealtySouth-OTM-Acton Rd 205-978-9000
Amy Schneider RealtySouth-MB-Cahaba Rd 205-870-5420
Peter M. Scholl ARC Realty 205-969-8910
Susan Schor ARC Realty 205-969-8910
Patti R. Schreiner RE/MAX Southern Homes 205-979-8500
Suzanne C. Schuman LAH - Homewood 205-879-8580
Susan Schwartz LAH - Mountain Brook Branch 205-870-8580
Joe Scotch Scotch Real Estate Company 205-991-5075
Carla Scott Alabama Realty Brokers III 205-854-8484
Cynthia Scott Realty Consultants 205-856-0056
Karen L. Scott LAH - Homewood 205-879-8580
Pat Scott JRC Realty Group, Inc. 205-251-3022
Rebecca Scott RealtySouth-Over the Mtn 205-822-2364
Robert Scott RE/MAX Advantage 205-979-9854
Vicki R. Scott RE/MAX Advantage 205-979-9854
Vickie L. Scott TMI Real Estate 205-985-1010
Lela B. Seagle Weichert Realtors, Lowe Realty 205-669-6317
Benjamin P. Sears LAH - Mountain Brook Branch 205-870-8580
Jason E. Secor RE/MAX Advantage South 205-991-1500
Pamela Segars-Morris SeBro Realty 205-436-8301
Henry G. Seibels Red Rock Realty Group, Inc. 205-458-1070
Marilyn Seier RealtySouth-OTM-Acton Rd 205-978-9000
Karen G. Seiler Canterbury Realty Group, LLC 205-870-3195
David Selbrede RealtySouth-Inverness Office 205-991-6565
Janice A. Self RealtySouth-Northern Office 205-631-5499
Rhonda Self RealtySouth-Inverness Office 205-991-6565
Ashley Sellers RealtySouth-Over the Mtn 205-822-2364
Jacqueline Semaan Semaan Realty 205-970-8595
Amy Shader Shader Realty 205-942-1077
Harold G. Shader Shader Realty 205-942-1077
Karen D. Shadinger RealtySouth-MB-Crestline 205-879-6330
Beena R. Shah Keller Williams Realty Hoover 205-822-2272
Elizabeth Shamburger RealtySouth-OTM-Acton Rd 205-978-9000
Chantel Shamsuddin RealtySouth-Trussville Office 205-655-8877
Tempie Sharley RealtySouth-MB-Cahaba Rd 205-870-5420
Todd Sharley RealtySouth Commercial Sales 205-322-7500
April Sharpe RE/MAX Property Legends 205-678-7550
Margie Beth Shaw RE/MAX Advantage South 205-991-1500
Martha J. Shaw RealtySouth Commercial Sales 205-322-7500
Rita Shaw ERA King Real Estate 256-831-5656
Hansen Shayan Canterbury Realty Group, LLC 205-870-3195
Shay Shelnutt CRE Residential 205-985-7171
Linda Shelton RealtySouth-I459 Southwest 205-477-7769
William E. Sheppard LAH - Mountain Brook Branch 205-870-8580
Halie Sherer RE/MAX Elite 205-221-8822
John M. Sherrill Ray & Poynor Properties 205-879-3036
Michael A. Shine Choice One Realty 205-533-9542
Jennifer Shirley RE/MAX First Choice 205-663-4402
Susan Shirley RealtySouth-Inverness Office 205-991-6565
Lance Shivers RealtySouth-Northern Office 205-631-5499
Kelly Y. Shoemaker White Real Estate Inc. 205-647-0007
Tarah B. Shoemaker RE/MAX First Choice 205-663-4402
Lee M. Shook Liberty Park Joint Ventures 205-945-6401
Tina Shores ARC Realty 205-969-8910
Gayla Short RealtySouth-OTM-Acton Rd 205-978-9000
Wess Short RealtySouth-MB-Crestline 205-879-6330
Blake Shultz ARC Realty 205-969-8910
Crystal Shurett Avast Realty - Birmingham 205-951-8992
Brent Sibley RealtySouth-Oneonta/Blount Co 205-274-4444
Lynda Sidlo RealtySouth-Inverness Office 205-991-6565
Bert A. Siegel RealtySouth-MB-Cahaba Rd 205-870-5420
Bridget Sikora RealtySouth-MB-Crestline 205-879-6330
Joyce L. Silmon Barnes & Associates 205-328-3330
Laura Silsbee LAH - Mountain Brook Branch 205-870-8580
Gilmer T. Simmons Beasley Realty Company 205-854-6114
Virginia L. Simmons Beasley Realty Company 205-854-6114
Willie Simmons Ingram & Associates, LLC 205-871-5360
Barbara Simpson Boothby Realty, Inc. 205-879-9500
Carole G. Simpson RealtySouth-MB-Cahaba Rd 205-870-5420
Veronica Simpson Century 21 Advantage 205-823-6677
Danny Sims Keller Williams Realty Trussvi 205-661-0662
Eraka Sims Bear Realty 205-344-2327
Jane G. Sims Luxury South Realty 205-983-6340
Jonathan A. Sims Keller Williams Realty Hoover 205-822-2272
Karla D. Sims Keller Williams Metro North 205-694-0300
Donna Sinclair RE/MAX Southern Homes 205-979-8500
Jill Sinclair RE/MAX Southern Homes 205-979-8500
Catherine Singletary Boothby Realty, Inc. 205-879-9500
Michael Singleton Foothills Realty Group, Inc. 205-221-1703
Melanie Siow RealtySouth-Shelby Office 205-663-3895
Russell L. Sirmans Sirman's Realty 205-923-6300
Laura S. Sirmon Weichert, REALTORS-Access 205-833-6300
Rhonda P. Sisson RealtySouth-Trussville Office 205-655-8877
Matthew Sitton RE/MAX Property Legends 205-678-7550
Ethel A. Sizemore J. Huggins Realty Inc 205-699-5050
Rosalind B. Skanes B & B Realty Group 205-208-9981
Carol Skelton Keller Williams Metro North 205-694-0300
Danny J. Skillman Blount Realty Team, Inc. 205-274-7707
George M. Skipper Southern Advantage Real Estate 205-444-5064
Stephen Skipper RealtySouth-OTM-Acton Rd 205-978-9000
William J. Slappey ARC Realty 205-969-8910
Delois Slaughter Charity 1st Realty 205-428-4830
Roddy Slaughter ARC Realty 205-969-8910
Tavaris Slaughter Edge Realty Group, LLC 205-582-2818
Darrell Sloan Charles Poe Realty 205-856-0401
Teresa Sloan RealtySouth-Oneonta/Blount Co 205-274-4444
Melvin Slotnick Summit Realty Company 205-951-2355
Scott Smallwood Eddleman Realty LLC 205-871-9755