BARPAC – Invest Locally.

Blue and red stacked BARPAC logo with star“All politics is local,” though former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil is often attributed with this line, he never said it.  As a handy journalistic cliché it may never die, however, but what Speaker O’Neil actually said was, “all politics is personal.”  Whichever version you prefer, BARPAC allows you to invest both in local politics and build mutually beneficial relationships between public policymakers and the local REALTOR® community.

INVEST LOCALLY!  Your investment in BARPAC keeps your money and influence at home in the communities we serve.

We harness and maximize our political influence through BARPAC by:

  • Promoting local REALTOR® champions, 100% of your investment in BARPAC will go to supporting candidates for municipal and countywide office within BAR’s jurisdiction.
  • Taking the lead role, your investment in BARPAC allows BAR to be more forward-thinking on issues affecting our industry. The flexibility of a local PAC allows BAR to be more nimble and proactive around local issues.
  • Making your voice heard, BARPAC ensures that your interests, your business, and REALTOR® issues are represented when laws are formed and enacted. The local relationships created by BARPAC help public officials understand the implications of their decisions on your business, private property owners, and economic development.
  • Advocating against proposals that harm homeownership and private property rights, your investment in BARPAC provides our Government Affairs team the ability to build relationships and coalitions around issues that could adversely affect our industry.

All politics is local, BARPAC allows you to invest locally and better serve the community!

Ryan Adams, VP of Government Affairs —

How can I become an investor in BARPAC?

Every BAR member is encouraged to pay their “fair share.”  In conjunction with your MLS fees, you will have the opportunity to invest $40 into BARPAC.  There will also be several events throughout the year for you to network and further invest in BARPAC.  Becoming a BARPAC Major investor will put you in an elite category of local REALTORS® who have shown their tireless commitment to championing our issues through their investment.  Check back for more information on being a Major Investor in BARPAC.

Does this mean we are no longer supporting RPAC or ARPAC?

No, our Association is committed to making an impact at the local, state, and national levels by investing in ARPAC/RPAC and supporting the efforts of our State and National Associations. Members are encouraged to invest in ARPAC as part of the Birmingham Association of REALTORS® dues billing cycle. As an investor in BARPAC your money will be kept 100% in the communities we serve, this, in turn, will provide a less cumbersome process to better support our local REALTOR® Champions. Learn more about RPAC/ARPAC.

I don’t believe in PACs, I don’t support a political party, or I think there is too much money in politics.

As difficult as it may be to accept, all special interest groups raise money and all special interest groups use campaign contributions to influence public policy conversations. Those who choose to not do so are often left out of consequential conversations on issues that most matter to them.

BARPAC is nonpartisan.  Campaign contributions are based on a candidate’s history of supporting REALTOR® issues. Unlike some other PACS, 100% of your investment will be used to support candidates and initiatives, specifically within our jurisdiction 6 counties we serve. Our mission is to make our voice is heard concerning topics that affect our business and the rights of private property owners.

BARPAC is your best insurance policy to protect your business interest at the local level.

Contributions to BARPAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Contributions are voluntary and are used for political purposes. The amounts indicated are merely guidelines, and you may contribute more or less than the suggested amounts. The Birmingham Association of REALTORS® will not favor or disadvantage any member because of the amount contributed or a decision not to contribute.

When BARPAC decides to invest in candidates, the only considerations are how supportive they are to the issues affecting the real estate community, our industry and private property rights issues.