Alabama Real Estate License Renewal is handled by the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC). Visit AREC’s website for General License Renewal Information.

Education at BAR

At the Birmingham Association of REALTORS®, we are dedicated to providing ongoing education training, career development opportunities, services, and support to help our members succeed.

Upcoming Classes

Courses are currently being offered LIVE and/or Virtually. 

Upcoming BAR Classes

BAR’s Education Program – Fast Facts:

  1. Classes require an online registration
  2. All cancellations must be made in writing (email) and submitted 48 hours prior to the start date and start time of the class.
  3. No refunds for cancellations received within 48 hours of the class start date and start time. No transfers to another class.
  4. You must arrive on time for all classes (Zoom or Live in Person) and return from scheduled breaks on time to receive continuing education credit.

If you require any services as identified under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact: (205) 802-6079 or email

The Alabama Real Estate Commission provided guidance for participants in a virtual classroom.  The following requirements must be followed for classroom courses to be offered virtually.

  1. Video is mandatory. Students must physically be present on camera at all times. The instructor must be able to see the faces of all students. This does not include the top of a head or someone sitting a long distance from a camera making it difficult to see the face. Any artificial background being used by a student should not include distracting movement and must not be a picture of the student. Anyone who uses a blackened screen should not be given course credit.
  2. Students must be present 100% of the time. If someone loses connection and misses more than 15 minutes of the class, they do not receive course credit. Attendance must be monitored and maintained as a course record. This involves monitoring attendance the entire course by taking occasional screenshots or pausing to call roll again and not just identifying students when the course begins.
  3. Students must behave appropriately and pay attention. This includes sitting in a location with a writing surface and facing a camera, not lying on the couch or sitting in a comfortable recliner. 
  4. Students cannot be driving or participating in some other activity. Other activities include phone calls, paperwork, conversations with someone not in the class, walking on a treadmill, or anything else that is unrelated to the course.
  5. Limit the number of students. The instructor and the administrator or any assistants must monitor each student and make corrections when needed. If too many students are allowed to participate, proper monitoring cannot be accomplished.
  6. Use breakout rooms, polling, or other means of promoting interaction. Students must be involved in the class.
  7. Limit the chat tool to information related to the course. General conversations and comments make the chat tool difficult to maintain and follow. It should only be used for questions related to the course material and must be observed constantly to make sure all questions are identified and answered.

Become an Instructor

If you have a passion to teach, we want to hear from you! Call (205) 802-6079 or email for more information.

  1. Your first step is to become a CE Instructor with the Alabama Real Estate Commission. Completion, submission, and approval of the Instructor Application are required in order to teach for the Birmingham Association of REALTORS® School.
  2. The BAR Professional Development Committee will review the application and the class materials provided. Submission of an application does not automatically ensure being able to teach for the BAR School.
  3. Completion, submission, and approval of the official BAR Instructor Application are required in order to teach for the Birmingham Association of REALTORS® School. Submission of an application does not automatically ensure being able to teach for the BAR School. 

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