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Government Affairs provides a forum to stay abreast of local issues that impact homeownership, the REALTOR® profession, and property interests in the Central Alabama Region. BAR’s Government Affairs function provides access to the Alabama Association of REALTORS® and NAR Calls for Action, promotes the benefits and value of participating in the REALTOR® Party and political advocacy, engages and builds relationships with civic leaders and public officials and ensures the state’s largest local REALTOR® Association is a major voice for real estate. Get involved today! 

Who do we serve?

The Birmingham Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs Department advocates on the behalf of our members in a highly diverse geographic area.  From urban and cosmopolitan Birmingham to pastoral and quaint Ashland, BAR members can be assured they are represented by a capable and responsive team.  The Jurisdiction of the Birmingham Association of REALTOR® includes the entirety of Blount, Clay, Jefferson, Randolph and Shelby Counties, and a large portion of Chilton County.   


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Interface with REALTOR® Champions 

In every election cycle for county and municipal office, BAR will be actively engaged in identifying and advocating on behalf of REALTOR® friendly candidates.  Here at BAR, we believe that the best judges of potential REALTOR® champions are our members, which is why we have adopted a member-driven approach to candidate endorsements.     

Candidates for office will be asked to submit a basic candidate questionnaire, upon return of the questionnaire candidates will be screened by a panel of our volunteer members.  The Screening panel will then submit their recommendations to the Committee on Legislative and Government Affairs (L&GA). 

The L&GA Committee then deliberates and discusses the panel recommendations before submitting their findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval.  The BAR candidate screening model is completely member-driven, with multiple layers of oversight to ensure a fair, balanced, and impartial process was carried out.   

Check Back for More Details on how you can take part in selecting the candidates who will receive the coveted endorsement of the Birmingham Association of REALTORS®. 

Grassroots Mobilization: The Raising the BAR Initiative  

The Raising the BAR Initiative is a program design to engage REALTORS® directly into the political process.  Whether it is volunteering at a campaign phone bank, taking part in a targeted door-to-door campaign or hosting a small fundraiser for REALTOR® friendly candidates, it’s time for REALTORS® to get real about supporting our Champions. 


In order to be an active and engaged member of the community, it is vital that REALTORS® vote.  Verify your voter registration, confirm your political subdivisions and see upcoming election information. 

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If all politics is local, it is key that REALTORS® not only are eligible to vote, it is important to build a personal relationship with your members.

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