Greater Alabama MLS FAQs

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What’s my Paragon password?

The GALMLS support staff does not have access to your password. Please use the reset option found HERE.

  • Verify that your caps lock is not on.
  • An email will be sent to you with a link for you to click on and create your new password. Be sure that your new password fits the criteria listed under the password box. (Check your spam and junk folders for the email if you do not see it in your inbox.)
How do I log in to pay my BAR dues/MLS fees?

Your dues, fees, and any outstanding payments can be made through your Member Portal.

How do I get the eKey?

Please click HERE to login to your member portal. Under subscriptions, you will click subscription actions to add your e-key service. Once complete, MLS Staff will process your application. Please allow 24 hours for processing as forms are processed in the order that they are received. The cost is a one-time $50 activation fee with Supra. After that, a $16.15 charge will be debited from your account on the 28th of every month.

Can I purchase my lockbox?

No. Lockboxes are leased through the MLS at a rate of $2 per lockbox per month.

Why do I have to clean my lockboxes before returning them?

Lockboxes are leased through the MLS which means boxes are often turned in and then leased back out to other members. We want to ensure any products that come from the Association or MLS are to their best standard.

Can late fees be waived?

No. Late fees for any type of dues or membership fees will not be waived. BAR and GALMLS provide ample notice and numerous email reminders to help you avoid late fees. Please be sure we have current contact information in your Member Portal. If you are an MLS Subscriber, this contact information will also update in the MLS.

How do I appeal an MLS or BAR late fee?

Late fees may be appealed by coming before the board (either BAR or MLS) and presenting your case as to why you were unable to pay on time. The board will then discuss your circumstance and inform you of their decision via email.

Can BAR Dues or MLS Fees be refunded?

No, but please contact if you have a special circumstance.

How do I get IDX Approval?

To get IDX approval for your own website, please email to request an IDX Agreement. Include the web developer you are using to ensure we send you the correct form.

What does it cost to join BAR and GALMLS?

BAR annual member dues renew January 1st and are pro-rated monthly with rates for Brokers, Agents, Affiliates, Appraisers, and Admins. GALMLS annual fees renew July 1st and are pro-rated monthly with rates for REALTORS® and non-REALTORS®. Please call (205) 871-1911 for current pro-rated amounts.

If I transfer Brokerages/offices can I take my listings with me if I leave?

Only if the MLS Staff receive written permission (this can be via email) from the listing broker that states you may take the listings with you to your new office.