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MLS of Choice: Designed to Save you Money!

As a broker, in the past, if you wanted to participate (join) another MLS you were required to enroll all your agents in that secondary MLS, requiring a fees payment for each license hung under your brokerage. NOW, when you are in two MLS organizations, your agents may choose which MLS they wish to subscribe to as a user. They no longer have to subscribe to both.

If you already belong to a secondary MLS outside of GALMLS, determine which of your agents may want to subscribe to and pay for GALMLS only. They no longer are required to pay for that second MLS they are not using.

If GALMLS is your secondary MLS, please complete and send a waiver form for those agents who no longer wish to subscribe to GALMLS as a second MLS. You may also want to determine how many of your agents wish to subscribe only to GALMLS. If they want to subscribe only to GALMLS and not the other MLS you will need to contact that other MLS and fill out their waiver form to omit your GALMLS agents from their billing.

GALMLS Subscriber Waiver Form