Greater Alabama MLS Subscriber Update: Enhancements to Listing Entry System


New Flexibility in Cooperative Compensation Entries

We are pleased to announce an update to the Greater Alabama MLS (GALMLS) Listing Entry system. In our continuous effort to support transparent and flexible negotiations for our subscribers and their clients, we have now enabled the option to enter any amount in the listing’s cooperative compensation fields, starting from zero.

Previously, the cooperative compensation fields required a minimum entry of one cent. Now, you can enter any amount, including zero, reflecting the complete flexibility of GALMLS subscribers in their client negotiations.


What This Means for You:

Enhanced Transparency and Clarity: This update reaffirms GALMLS’s commitment to transparency in cooperative compensation offers. While GALMLS has always provided flexibility without specifying compensation amounts, this change allows for even clearer and more direct negotiation terms.

Continued Negotiation Freedom: Listing agents retain the ability to enter the cooperative compensation amount as agreed upon with their seller clients, starting from zero. Negotiations remain at the discretion of the client, as always.


Why This Update Matters:

Aligning with NAR Policy: Following the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) announcement that entering $0 in the cooperative compensation field aligns with their policy, GALMLS has embraced this change to enhance transparency and clarity in compensation offers.


What Remains Unchanged:

Consistent System Integrity: This update does not affect the efficient and impartial system of offers of cooperative compensation supported by GALMLS.

Continued Uniformity in Offers: GALMLS subscribers can still make blanket offers of cooperative compensation to every buyer’s broker.

Negotiability and Seller Discretion: Offers of cooperative compensation are still negotiable and at the discretion of the seller.


Additional Resources:

For more insights into real estate compensation and commission negotiations, we recommend these resources from NAR:


We hope this update enhances your experience with GALMLS and supports your continued success in real estate transactions.